Ray Bradbury’s Fundamentals

Ray Bradbury is probably most known for his novel, Fahrenheit 451, but he also has some great writing advice.  When I originally sat down to draft my novel on November 1st, I was excited, determined and “inspired.”  Whatever that means.  By the second week or so, the basics had been set on paper and then, all of a sudden, I was “out of ideas,” or I had “writer’s block.”  Again, who knows what those terms actually refer to.  Writers often say that those things mean different things to different writers, and that’s why we can’t always pin a definition on them.  Really, though, those things don’t even exist.  Or maybe they do exist, they just don’t matter.  This Ray Bradbury quote gave me a forceful reminder of that.  “You fail only if you stop writing.”  It doesn’t matter if you’re “inspired” or if you have “writer’s block.”  Just write.  Something is bound to come out of it.


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