Verbs are Weird

There comes a point in the novel-ing process that everything seems not worth anything at all.  I was surprised at how far along I got before this idea really set in.  Early this week, I began draft number three of my novel and realized, after two people mentioning it, a major change needed to be made.  The entire tense of my novel needed to be changed.  Those two people, without me mentioning the tense at all, told me that the original past tense would be more effective in present tense.


Not only had I not written very much in present tense, but the change meant I had to go through every single sentence and change each verb by hand.  This task, while necessary, is incredibly tedious, and I have begun to think that it isn’t worth it.


I know they are right.  I know it would be so much better in present tense.  It causes the reader to go through the events with the character, making them empathize even more, and it leaves an open ending.  No one, including the character, knows what is going to happen.  But at the same time, the tiny task of changing mere letters in each and every sentence has gotten me thinking I have made hardly any progress in the past few days.


Thankfully, I have a great support system (Shout out to Anna and Ellen!!) that keep me in check and motivated.  I must keep writing.


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