Blogger Struggles


For one of my classes, I read an article titled, “Instamom” from The Atlantic.  Although I’m not at all a fan of this class, this article was surprisingly relevant to not only the “blogger culture,” which was the purpose the class was aiming for, but also in my personal blogging life.  This article described a particular blogger, Amber Fillerup Clark, and her blog The Barefoot Blonde.  The article depicted her blog as beautiful, successful, honest.  While her topics and subject matter, motherhood and fashion, are not my center, I decided to check out her blog.  It is immaculate.  Not only is her family adorable, but her blog is well put-together and is incredibly aesthetically pleasing.  While one part of me is highly impressed and drawn in, the blogger side of me is highly overwhelmed.  The article says that successful blogs like this one can make $1-6 million per year.  I can see how.

Then, I switched tabs on my internet browser and look at my blog.  And felt highly underwhelmed.  While browsing The Barefoot Blonde this morning with my blog pulled up beside, I felt an unnerving cringe winding up in my muscles.  I know this did not happen for Clark overnight.  I know she has years of experience with blogging and websites.  She knows her readership and what they want to see.  She is able to tailor what she wants to post to her readers.

I know I’m still new at this.  I am still working out the kinks of learning how to work WordPress and make everything look professional.  This is my first real attempt at blogging or creating a website, which is hard since my forte is in more of an irl type art.  I have to adapt my real life art to an online format, which I am still getting used to.  So I am still learning, and I have to constantly remind myself of that.  Looking at The Barefoot Blonde gave me something to aspire to in a sense of success and aesthetic, but I cannot directly compare my blog to hers.  It will encourage me to broaden my readership and learn more of how to run my blog more smoothly.

All that being said, I aim to make this blog more accessible and aesthetically pleasing while still keeping my purpose.  I aim to concentrate on my own blog and my own goals, while writing what I believe needs to be written.  My motto has been, for about a year or so, “I write for me, not for anyone else.”  And that includes theses blog posts.  If I’m lucky, someone else will enjoy what I have written, but on the surface level, I write what I would want to read.


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