My Writing, My Rules

recite-1tr4tn6Today’s writing quote mirrors my post from yesterday.  Recently I’ve felt that I’ve begun to write what I think people want to read instead of what I actually want to write.  Sometimes, that’s a good thing to do, like for papers in classes, but mostly if I don’t write for me, I end up with sub-par content.

It isn’t that I want to be “original” per se (because does that really exist?), but I still want to have a voice and stay true to my style and my opinions.  As soon as I start writing to “be popular” my voice goes down the toilet.  I’ve never been particularly good at following trends, which isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing.  In the wake of that though, when I try to write what is trendy or popular, it never turns out quite as good as the examples I have seen.

That’s the rub, though.  Writing what is popular isn’t a bad thing.  Following a trend isn’t inherently evil either.  It’s when I begin to look at other writing that has a large fan base and emulate what it has to offer in order to make my writing more “sell-able” it never turns out to be quite the quality of the example.  At least from my perspective.  If I write what I am interested in, and what I want to write, then I have nothing to compare myself to.  I have no reason to have the desire to rip it up and throw it in the trash can.  If it is my idea, I know how I want it to sound and the process that would best suit the piece.  I know how to change it in order to turn it into what I want to see.  I can’t do that if I am constantly comparing my writing to other authors.  Therefore, I must write solely for me.


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