What is Originality?

recite-1dexbtzWriting is hard.  The act of hitting keys on a keyboard seems simple, but putting actual words in the right order is an art.  An art that a lot of writers (including me) over think.  So many of us try to write things that have never been written before, and as we think and brainstorm, we come to the conclusion that there are no new ideas.  For some reason, this discourages us.  I don’t really know why.  Perhaps it is because for our whole lives, we are told that we are unique and only we can think of our ideas, which to some extent is true.  But somewhere along the way, when we realize that our ideas are not as special as we originally thought.  But that realization, however disheartening in the moment, isn’t a bad realization to have.

It doesn’t matter that everything has said before.  No one has heard you say it.  You will write it differently than your best friend who will write it differently for me, and I write it differently than my roommate.   The same idea can be told so many different ways, so even if your idea has been written about before, your words have not been read yet.


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