Sleep or Books?

booksMy friend was looking at a post online last night that listed which college majors get the most sleep.  For some reason microbiology was the top, with seven-something hours per night.  Creative Writing was near the bottom with 5.7 hours per night.  I laughed at this.  The fact that this survey stated that, on average, microbiologists get more sleep than writers, is, from my experience, outrageous.  I can personally state that I get on average eight hours of sleep per night, with two majors and a minor, while I’m writing a novel, and also eating at normal times.  In my head, I’m not sure how this makes sense, but it happens.

A lot of college students make the joke that you can choose two from “Sleep, Studying, and Social Life,” but you can’t have all three.  I’m going to have to disagree with that.  Maybe it helps that my best friend on campus is my roommate and that we end up studying together a good chunk of the time.  I can also contribute this to writing my novel.  A lot of people would think adding writing a novel to college and sleep and everything else would make my life so much more stressful, but really it’s the opposite.  If I am able to just take a break from my own life and work on the fictional world of New York City in 2028, then I end my day much more relaxed.

Writing is my stress relief.  Writing is life.


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