Put Your Hands Together For…

Spring Break is right around the corner.  And by right around the corner, I mean a break from classes and anticipation of a long car ride is just a short twenty-four hours away.  This time tomorrow afternoon, I will be driving myself away from my home-away-from-home and toward the place in which I grew up.  This would be bitter-sweet, but there is something much more exciting and nerve-wracking than going home for a week.  While “home” is the direction in which I drive tomorrow afternoon, Saturday morning, I turn my way a bit further east.

Williamsburg PicSaturday morning, my mom, my roommate and I will all head to Williamsburg, Virginia for the week.  Williamsburg in itself is a beautiful, historical city full of stories, but that is not the only reason we are going.  I have applied for an internship at the Colonial Williamsburg Museums and in this next week, I hope to scout out the town and maybe achieve the pleasure of an interview.


Now, this week of adventures requires most of my attention and effort.  This internship will hopefully lead to the beginning of my future, and I do hope that this blog is as well, yet for this next week I will not have a chance to blog during this next week.

But, in my place will be my best friend Ellen, whom I view as a very skilled and educated and passionate writer.  So, put your hands together for your guest writer!!


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