They’re taking the hobbits to… writer’s block?

image“They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!” -Legolas of the Woodland Realms (Feat J.R.R. Tolkien)

Writer’s block, the dreaded phenomena that haunts the minds of each creative being that walks the Earth (and all paradoxical realms involved). For most, something like ‘wow I don’t have any imagination! Good thing I’m a math major,’ might be a regular existance. However, I’m no math major (I laugh at the mere thought) and losing imaginative juices is the equivalent of forgetting the quadratic equation; it equates to a complete lack of my ability to function normally.

The question on this topic, of course, is asked in hushed tones of awe by the cute, hopeful faces of younger’Come on Ellen, you’re a great writer (hahahahaha), how do you get over writer’s block?’

Plot twist, to regain your ability to write, you have to actually write. Yeah, I know, ridiculous. Usually when my creative thinking is zapped I have to force myself to write about anything at all and end up describing the quantitative qualities of my socks (to be fair I have a lot of socks). The bottom line is, what you write in these dark times doesn’t have to be good writing, it doesn’t even have to be that creative. But, eventually something will push your brain back into shape and your stories will start rolling again.

So yes, they are taking the hobbits to writer’s block, but that isn’t the end unless you stop fighting and writing.  Keep wriggling forwards until you find the ents and then take over your Isengard.
.. I mean writer’s block.




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