Writing in Future Tense

20170313_192431I’m back!  While this past week has been equally amazing and stressful and magical and terrifying, I did miss writing this blog and working on my novel while I was gone.  I’m glad to get back in the swing of things, but I do wish that I could do that as well as stay in Williamsburg.  As I told my mom early last week, “I have found my people!”

Williamsburg is full of stories.  It is home to Colonial Williamsburg, the Jamestown Settlement (the first British settlement in America), and Yorktown (home of the ending battle of the Revolutionary War), as well as William & Mary (America’s oldest University).  The history is everywhere, and because of that, so are the stories.  Every building has a history that is told every day through interpreters and plaques and archaeology.  I want to tell these stories.  I want to learn them by heart and retell them in so many different ways.

20170315_220552I have yet to hear back about the internship I applied for, yet I have not lost hope yet.  I will find a way to make it work, God willing.  With a breath of fresh air and a clear (ish) mind about my future, I have returned to WKU to finish out this semester.  I cannot help thinking about all the things I wish to write and all the places I will hopefully go.  There are so many dreams in my mind, but I must remain down to Earth.  School comes first right now, which is boring and makes me fidget, but once that is underway, I can start making my dreams more into a sensible reality.

My plans for the future make sense in my head.  I can’t wait until they make sense on paper and my future and life goals will become more concrete.


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