Traveling Back to the Present

20170315_220643How is it possible that, after only a week out of routine, it is so hard to get back into the swing of things?  My writing every day routine was thrown out the window over my break, and now I scramble to reign everything back in.  Last week, I was shown a glimpse of my future and now I must reign myself back  into the present.

My present includes school and work and just plain writing.  Putting words on the page is step one for most all my dreams, so that is what I must do.  Yesterday, I pulled up my novel, feeling somehow refreshed and overwhelmed at the same time.  I have so many ideas for this novel that I wonder if they could possibly all fit into one plot line or in the lives of so few characters.  Since this is my first novel, I seem to be trying to shove all of my ideas into these 190-200 pages.  I have continued to add more and more content, but now I take a step back and wonder what my real goal for this story is.  Which of these ideas need to be applied to different situations, different characters, different stories?  books

Content isn’t the only thing I must take a moment and consider, though.  I am a poet at heart, so this first novel centers around the idea of poetry and includes many features that may not be considered “prose-y” per se.  Because of this, I want to play those ideas up by messing with the physical form of the words on the page.

Poetry is traditionally written in shorter lines, while prose appears as a block of text.  I don’t really want this particular novel to be in either typical format, though.  There is no “right answer” to this question that has been lingering in my mind since I began this novel.  Somehow, I must mix the two traditional forms to find something totally new, and that task in itself is daunting.


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