What is College?

recite-17dxvdjIn college, procrastination is everywhere.  If you talk to another college student and they do not have the word “procrastinating” on their tongue, then they have it on their mind.  Most people procrastinate by watching Netflix or scrolling on social media or even coloring.  While I enjoy all of these things, I procrastinate by writing.  I know this seems counter-intuitive, writing in order to avoid writing a paper.  They’re different kinds of writing, though.  Fun writing versus boring writing.  My procrastination and my innate desire to write fun things and not boring things enhances my writing skills for the time being.  It’s either that, or I just tell myself that because I don’t want to stop writing the fun things.

The bad part about that is that I get on a roll and my designated hour of procrastination begs to turn into two or three.  Luckily, my consistent stress about grades and classes whispers from the back of my mind and I force myself to do the boring, mandatory writing.

At this point in the semester, I wish I could just procrastinate and work on my novel constantly, but alas, school beckons day in and day out.


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