Fidgeting: How to Fix Problems with Distractions

20170324_181302Distractions are literally every — are those brownies?

Writing takes focus and concentration, but putting yourself in a vacuum while writing is impossible as well as not ideal.  It seems like a good idea, right?  No sound, no other responsibilities, no distractions.  This kind of environment, theoretically, will help produce quality writing.  I have found that isn’t entirely true, though.

To an extent, eliminating distractions is a good thing,  but if I don’t have some sort of sound in the background whether it be a movie, tv show or music, I become distracted by the silence.  I’m not really sure why this is, but silence around me creates silence in my brain.

And perhaps my writing methods are not the most conventional, but they work for me (most days), so perhaps they will also work for some of you.  I know basically everyone on the face of the Earth frowns on multitasking, but that is yet another “eliminating distractions” rule I break almost every day.  I’ll write some on my novel, switch to another tab and edit a blog post, switch back and write some more, do a homework assignment, talk to my roommate…  While this may not be the most efficient method, it gets words on the page instead of just a blinking cursor.

Because of my unconventional methods of productivity, though, when I actually sit down to write, I get fidgety.  I automatically feel like I should be doing ten different things at once, instead of focusing on just one.  I’m not sure if this is necessarily a problem, but it can get annoying sometimes, when my fingers want to type super fast on my keyboard, but my mind cannot come up with words to type.  That’s when I type random words just to feel productive, and sometimes those random words even turn into a great idea.

Distractions can be good or bad, but a vacuum free of “distractions” is one in itself, at least for me.  Perhaps I need to balance out my levels of distractions as I write, but it seems to be working for now.


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