Ideas of Unknown Origin

recite-1f3a4dvMuse.  Inspiration.  Brainstorming.  Where writers get their ideas can be called a variety of things, but what are they, really?  Of course, some ideas come from specific experiences or things we see in our lives.  Other than those rare, concrete ideas, most seem to “appear out of the nothingness of the abyssal pit of our creatively destructive minds. Such glorious beauty is filled with such meaning and yet can be discarded as though the shiniest refuse. Truly amazing,” (so eloquently phrased by my friend J).

While those concrete ideas can be easy to write, relatively speaking, the ideas that we aren’t sure where exactly they came from are sometimes the best ones.  They may not be easy to explain or easy to write for that matter, but they can be the most creative ideas.

Lucky for writers, most of us understand the uncertainty of the origin of most ideas.  We all have these ideas that we aren’t sure why we had them or where they came from, and it’s hard to explain even why we think they are good ideas.  Nonetheless, keep writing those hard-to-explain, difficult-to-write, ideas-of-unknown-origin.


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