Testing, Testing

So draft 5.7 or whatever number I’m working on is under way.  This draft brings its own major challenges.  As I get closer and closer to my end goal of becoming published, I continue to find more and more things that need fixing.  Although I continue to find and fix things, I need more opinions than my own, therefore I need a base of high school students to be a stand-in for my intended audience and get some of their opinions.  While I can’t wait to visit my high school and talk to some of the creative writing students there, I only have so much time to get my novel ready for semi-public eyes.  My goal is to have it ready by the third-ish week of May, and I have a long way to go.


Not only am I looking at editing content, but also at editing form.  My novel is mostly in a traditional novel in a traditional form with chapters and such, but within these chapters, I have certain sections in a poetic form.  This started in the very beginning stages, but throughout my drafting process, I have been putting off working on these sections.  This is mostly because I’ve been fickle on what, exactly, I wanted to do with these mini-poems.  At one point, I decided they should all be in iambic pentameter to mimic the main character’s heartbeat, but as I stared at these sections, I decided maybe there was some form that could be more effective.

I’m still working on making final decisions, and even after I do that, revisions will still be necessary.  There is so much left to do in the next few weeks.  I know I can get it all done by my goal, but there is still the nerves of handing my novel-baby over to a few high school students.  With the excited nerves I feel now, I wonder how nervous I will be when I am able to hand over a different version of my novel to an actual publisher.


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