I Am Hedgehog

With final exams around the corner and 4 papers, including a poetry portfolio, due in the next week or so, my stress levels have been through the roof.  It just makes me so much more thankful, though, for this blog and my novel.   I sit down to write my papers and get them done without too much procrastination (most of the time?) because I am constantly looking forward to writing this blog as well as working on my novel.  They both provide a sense of motivation, and they also keep me writing something I enjoy, as opposed to something required.  Occasionally, there is an overlap there, but in the instance of this week, this blog and my novel must provide my motivation.

This motivation aids in easing my stress, which is much needed since I am hedgehog.  Hedgehogs get stressed out easily, as do I.  Plus, according to my roommate, I make hedgehog-like sounds when I get incredibly stressed and “can be prickly when I need to be.”  (Many thanks to my roommate Anna for this description).  Since this is the case, my brand new writing mascot is a small, stuffed hedgehog Anna gave me. 20170423_221607

So I have Penstroke, my novel and my hedgehog to serve as my motivations for this week.  The only things that are missing are a title for my novel, and a name for my hedgehog.  If any of you all have suggestions for the title to a Dystopian-esque, music themed novel where all informational technology is banned, or the name for a tiny, fluffy hedgehog, please comment below!!


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