Rules? What Rules?

recite-q4i335In regards to poetry, I’ve heard plenty of people say, “You have to know the rules to break them.”  Now, in regards to novels, I haven’t typically heard any similar adages.  Writing a novel, at least a first novel, is a complete shot in the dark.  At least it was for me.  I’ve had creative writing classes, and I know some general “writing rules,” or tips or what have you, but I was no where near prepared with three specific rules to follow when writing a novel.

When I started writing my novel, I felt like there should have been some sort of guideline or ideal way to get started, but everywhere I looked online or through other writers I know said something different.  This led me to the conclusion that no one knows what these three magic novel-ing rules are, because everyone has different rules.  It’s all about what works best for the writer, but in order to make up your own self-guidelines, you have to start first.W


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