The First Word

recite-1n1394yLast night, I printed out my first full copy of my novel.  It is no where near done, that’s for sure, but having a physical copy, warm off the printer, is a huge encouragement.  It makes me think back on when all that I had to show for this novel was a blank word document.  Luckily, that first blank page, with lots and lots of time and work, turned into this satisfying manuscript tucked in my backpack right now.  It has become a stack of papers I can take a red pen to and mark up.  I can scratch things out, make comments, doodle, do whatever I want to improve these pages and pages of writing.

The only way you can improve a blank page is by doing something to it.  There has to be some paragraph or detail or word or image on the page first, before anything can get better.  Don’t be afraid to write that first sentence.  That sentence may end up being moved to the middle of the piece, rearranged, reworded, or cut entirely, but before you can do any of those things, your page cannot be blank.


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