On the Edge of Your Seat

recite-1r1mnj“Creative Writing” seems to be set apart from all other types of writing for some reason.  In reality, though, all writing is creative in some aspect.  Putting words on a page is hard work and it takes artistry.  And, just as Ray Bradbury points out, writing is never boring.  It may feel boring at times, but when it comes down to it, the most surprising things happen during the writing process.  The characters emerge with their own voices, the setting comes to life, the words evoke feelings you never would have expected.

Writing is one of the most surprising things out there, and as writers, we know that.  We know that something is going to jump out at us right around the next corner, but we still flinch a little, in an amazed sort of way, every time it happens.

What about writing surprises you?


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