Summer is a time of hiatuses.  Everyone is taking a break from school or work or what have you, except for me it seems.  The moment the time comes for me to go on a novel-hiatus while some friends of mine read through my not-so-rough draft, I find I cannot just step back and wait on them.  Even though my job has decided to give me an average of 35 hours per week, which my bank account will soon thank them for, I cannot just stop thinking about my desired noveling career, my novel in progress, and my “what’s next?”

Coffee is mandatory for productivity.

Because of this, I have set two goals for myself this summer in order to keep my so-called “hiatus” from causing my insanity:

  1. Go on a bike ride every day.
  2. Write every day (see “Not a Hobby“)

Who knew that both of these things would be somehow easy and difficult at the same time.  I have a genuine desire to do both, except after I do each, some part of me becomes incredibly exhausted.  It seems that not only am I incredibly out of shape physically, but creatively as well.  I have been editing things I have already written for so long that it took my brain a few days to get over a massive block caused by only thinking about the novel I can do nothing with at this point in time.

Slowly but surely, though, my mind and body are both getting more accustomed to working out every day.  Hopefully that will continue, because I am very excited for where my productivity this summer will take me, as well as the productivity of others (like Anna reading my novel over in Italy!!) will take my writing.


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