What are colors?

When writers think of descriptions, color is normally one of the first things to come to mind.  “His blue eyes,” or “Her black hair,” or what have you.  While these descriptions can be very helpful and telling, they can also get generic.  I have heard of a prompt to help these types of descriptions and I just tried it tonight.  I found it online, and if I could find the post again, I would link to it, but since I cannot, I won’t.  Basically, the prompt said to describe a color without using the name of the color.  I know this sounds hard and pointless,  but it is actually very helpful in thinking about why we as writers use the colors we do.  It is also helpful in expanding how to describe things and use more vibrant and surprising imagery.  I encourage you all to try this prompt, and I will definitely be returning to it in the future.

To anyone who tries this prompt:  feel free to post either the outcome or your opinions on this suggestion in the comments section!!


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