Queries are Hard…

While I am waiting on my friends reading my novel over the summer to respond, I decided I would work on my query letter for when I actually submit my novel to literary agents.  I have written cover letters for literary magazines and internships, and those are difficult in and of themselves, but there is more riding on this one than any other I’ve ever written.  This letter is meant to essentially sell my novel to the agents I submit to.  This is the first impression.

Not even Hedgehog will write this query for me!

Not only is there quite a bit of pressure riding on this single sheet of paper, but I’ve also never gone through this process before, making it even more daunting.  I’ve looked up what agents prefer and examples of successful queries, but even as I use these things to guide me, I find whatever I write to be trite, cliche, and boring.  Perhaps that is only me letting my knowledge of importance judge my writing.  This is highly possible.  I know I have a while to go with my novel as well, but the more of the business side of things I can get done now, the more relaxed I will be later on.  Any tips would also be highly appreciated from any readers who have either gone through this process, are going through it now, or just run across some helpful tips elsewhere!


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