The Writing Life

The writing life can easily get interrupted.  Writing habits falter, inspirations ebb, life gets in the way.  I have found it is very difficult for every piece of life to fit perfectly into the puzzle of my ideal, theoretical routine.  In foresight, biking in the morning, working eight hours during the day, writing and reading my Bible at night and getting to bed by a reasonable hour sounds like a great and feasible plan.  In the moment, though, I do not want to wake up early enough to bike, and by the time I get home from work all I want to do is eat and watch Netflix until I fall asleep.  That is, until I realize that December 31st, my goal for having my novel sent off to agents, is only 145 days away.  Less than five months.  And I have so much work to do.

20170808_104642I have characters to more fully develop, plot holes to mend, turns of phrase to tweak.  I have a cover letter to perfect and a list of agents to verify.  Not only that, but school starts next week, so I will have classes and working at the writing center on top of everything else.

But this is perfect.  The start of a new school year means new routines and perfect organization.  It means starting from scratch, so my ideal routine can still be saved.  Altered, but saved nonetheless.  So here’s to a fresh start (again), renewed determination, lots of writing, and even more coffee.  Here’s to not letting the stress keep me from writing and remembering why I write.  Here’s to Fall 2017.


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