Writing Home

20170324_182358Everywhere you go, find your place.  Your writing place.  It is true that you can write almost literally anywhere, but it is so much better when you have found that specific place that just works.  This could be anywhere, but it’s a specific anywhere.  It’s that one place that words feel like they are flowing out through your fingers so smoothly you can hardly stop writing.  It’s that place where the anxious need to please everyone dissipates and you can concentrate on actually putting words on paper.  It’s that place where nothing seems to matter, except words.

Needless to say, this place is not magic.  It will have good days and bad days, just like everyone else.  But, it’s a comfortable place where perhaps it’s okay to get distracted by random YouTube videos of that one band you absolutely loved in 7th grade every once in a while.

IMG_20160313_165325Every writer should have one of these places, in my opinion.  Sometimes it’s a physical place.  Other times, it’s a genre of music or a blanket or a particular coffee.  No matter the nature of your Writing Home, I highly recommend finding one.  It is places like these that let you relax and focus on the part of writing you love.  This place most likely won’t be available all the time, but this reminder is needed every once in a while, contrasted with the perfectionism or deadlines or expectations.  These places prove that relaxing can be productive.


4 thoughts on “Writing Home

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