Magic Happens on its Own Time

A writer’s notebook is a magical thing.  Inside, it contains worlds and imaginations and people.  Whole, complete, terrible, magical people smashed between lines and sheets of paper.  Some of these people are real and some are just characters, but that doesn’t make any of them less of a person.  They exist between those pages with thoughts and dialogue and emotions and problems and passions.  The acts of creating a character or a world or a sense of nostalgia in themselves are not magic, but the act of reading these musings and creations sometimes makes it seem as such.

That’s the beauty of it all.  The act of writing is sometimes hard and tedious and painstakingly slow, but the end result, after all the chicken scratches and editing and late-night ideas and cutting paragraphs and adding whole pages, that end result has an element of magic.  All of that magic is kept between two covers of a notebook or between the edges of a laptop.

This is why it is so important to keep one of these handy.  A notebook, a laptop, a napkin, the back of a receipt, anything to scratch spur-of-the-moment ideas onto.  Ideas can come about at any time, so be ready for them.  Sometimes the unexpected ideas are the best ones.


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